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Exploring the benefits of fiber-cement siding for seattle homes

Danielle Onat | 07/21/2016 | Posted in Siding

Siding is the visible material that covers the exterior of your home. The style, color, and quality of your siding plays a part in both the exterior aesthetic appeal and indoor comfort of your home, adding value to your property and keeping conditioned air inside while blocking wind, weather, and water.

Fiber-cement siding is one of many siding options available for your Seattle home; this versatile and cost-effective material is manufactured from a combination of cement, wood fiber, and sand. This type of siding material offers several benefits and advantages worth considering when building a new home or updating an older home’s exterior.
James Hardie is considered a world leader in fiber-cement siding products, offering a wide array of siding solutions for a beautiful and easy-to-achieve result.

It’s an environmentally-responsible product.

Today, making environmentally-responsible choices for your home doesn’t mean sacrificing style or quality. Fiber-cement siding products are typically made with recycled wood fiber, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing this siding product. Additionally, fiber-cement siding is extremely durable—it is both fire-resistant and weather-resistant, reducing the likelihood of damage that would require replacement before the product has reached its expected lifespan of 20 to 50 years. Because this product is so long-lasting, installing fiber-cement siding will reduce the amount of waste associated with home upkeep by reducing the frequency with which you’ll need to replace your siding. Furthermore, fiber-cement siding is available in a variety of styles and options, making it easy to install and minimizing onsite waste generation during the installation process.

It’s a versatile and cost-effective solution.

The look of your siding influences the look of your entire home, contributing to—or detracting from—your property’s intrinsic value and curb appeal. However, many of the most visually-appealing siding solutions, such as wood and vinyl siding, are expensive, and these products often require extensive and costly upkeep as well. Fiber-cement siding is a cost-effective alternative to these expensive materials that allows you to achieve the look you want at lower cost and with significantly less long-term maintenance. Modern fiber-cement siding products can be textured and colored to look like more expensive materials, including stucco and wood boards or shingles, but actually cost significantly less to purchase and install. Fiber-cement siding requires extremely little maintenance as well, lowering the time and financial costs associated with this product over the long term.

We are pleased to sell and install top-quality fiber-cement siding products in Seattle, including James Hardie siding. This siding solution comes with a 30-year manufacturer’s product warranty in addition to our company’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re ready to explore the benefits of James Hardie fiber-cement siding products and how they can transform the exterior of your home for added durability, value, and curb appeal; schedule a consultation today!

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