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End of summer maintenance tips

Washington Energy | 08/27/2015 | Posted in Insulation, Gas fireplace

As the warm summer days transition into crisp fall days, we find ourselves in a sweet spot for home maintenance.

With the weather cooling ever so slightly, we can comfortably tackle those pesky to-do items we’ve put off in favor of vacations, backyard barbecues, and general relaxation. Take advantage of these last days of summer by ensuring your home is efficient and ready for the fall and winter.



Is there anything better than the warm glow and heat from a fireplace as the cold weather sets in? Before you begin using your wood-burning fireplace on a regular basis, you may need to have your flue and chimney professionally cleaned to ensure you can use it safely. Build-up, debris, and smoke can present serious safety issues. The best option for families who enjoy time around the fire is to install a gas fireplace. Our archgard gas fireplaces bring energy efficient warmth and true beauty to any home. Plus, with the push of a button, frigid winter days become cozy and inviting.


It may be hard to imagine now, but soon you’ll be trading in the air conditioning, fans, and open windows for heat. Make sure your furnace is ready for this change by testing it and replacing the air filter. You can purchase them as needed, or sign up for our filter program and have them automatically shipped to your home for free when it’s time for replacement. The program is an easy, convenient way to keep your furnace running smoothly.

For total furnace efficiency, safety, and peace of mind, we recommend scheduling a precision tune up. This 37-point proactive inspection will diagnose problems or system failures, perform preventative maintenance, and certify that your furnace is operating to the manufacturer’s specifications. In short, we’ll make sure your family stays warm as the weather turns cold.


Out of site, out of mind? Not so much. Just because you don’t see it everyday, doesn’t mean your insulation should be overlooked. Particularly in the winter months, the level of insulation in your home is incredibly important for comfort, efficiency, and energy costs. Attics, crawlspaces, and ducts in both older and newer homes are rarely insulated at proper levels, meaning your heating system may be working harder than it needs to. A home energy audit from Washington Energy Services can pinpoint these areas and help you make a plan to best meet the unique insulation needs your home.

In these last few weeks of summer, enjoy the long days and warm weather. Just set aside a few hours to prepare your home and ensure your fall and winter seasons are just as warm, relaxing, and efficient.

2 Responses to “End of summer maintenance tips”

  • Happy Hiller

    Thanks for sharing such helpful content! I see you’ve mentioned attic, ducts, and crawlspaces insulation – that’s great. But you didn’t say anything about pipes insulation. It could help reduce heat loss by 25 to 45%! And additionally, protect pipes from freezing.


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