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Don’t miss out on plumbing rebates for energy efficiency

Washington Energy | 06/13/2013 | Posted in Tank water heaters, Plumbing, Tankless water heaters

There are so many great opportunities to save energy and money when you take advantage of the new plumbing rebates available from our local utilities. Let’s get them organized for you.


First, the US EPA has created a program similar to EnergyStar but for water efficiency products. This is called WaterSense.

There is a WaterSense label that appears on the products, just like you are used to seeing with the yellow EnergyStar label on appliances and windows. Through this certification program, they reward manufacturers who create products that save at least 20% of water use, without sacrificing performance.

Here’s what the WaterSense people have to say: “Upgrading to more efficient WaterSense labeled products can help us to save billions of gallons of water in the country every year. Something as simple as twisting on a WaterSense labeled aerator and upgrading to a WaterSense labeled faucet could save a household 11,000 gallons over the life of the faucet.”

The quality of reduced flow products is generally improving, and if you have ignored them because the early models gave you a trickle in the shower, you may want to give it another look.

What kinds of rebates can I get:

  1. Fixture (toilet, tap) rebates:
    There are significant rebates on WaterSense certified plumbing fixtures that are offered by the Saving Water Partnership which includes the Seattle Municipal water system and other local towns around the area. To get a rebate on WaterSense products, go to the utility or the Saving Water Partnership website listed. Get toilet rebates up to $75 for single family homes and up to $200 for a toilet in a 4 plex or multifamily building. Plus if you have a restaurant or small business they offer many rebates. PSE also offers $10 off WaterSense shower heads.To get a rebate on WaterSense products, go to the utility or the Saving Water Partnership website listed. Print it off and send it to the utility with a copy of your water bill and receipt for the toilet.
  2. Water heater rebates:
    Many of our local utilities offer rebates on energy efficient water heaters and hydronic heating systems (radiant heating). For rebates on Water Heaters from PSE or SCL, your Washington Energy Services water heater specialist will take that rebate off of your contract. Cascade Natural Gas Customers apply directly to Cascade after installation with a copy of their receipt.
  3. City light electric customers can get $100.  In addition, most electric utilities have programs where they pay you between $30-$50 for your old inefficient appliances (fridge, washer, dryer) and they also come and haul them away. Our plumbing division is able to help you install and maintain your energy efficient plumbing systems. We carry and install WaterSense toilets that qualify for the rebates mentioned.

4 Responses to “Don’t miss out on plumbing rebates for energy efficiency”

    • Washington Energy

      Thank you Flavio. This page was originally published in 2013 – if you have questions about current rebates, give us a call and we’d be happy to see what rebates are available to you at the moment.

  • Danielle Allen

    I am serviced by Tacoma public utilities. I live in Roy. I cannot find any rebates/ grants or financial help with energy efficient water heaters and toilets. I really really need to get a new one. Help please

    • Washington Energy

      Hi Danielle, TPU’s utility website is located here. Our Home Energy Specialists can walk you through our best offers to replace your toilet and water heater. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to give you the best price we can. They are very knowledgeable about the current rebates available to you as well. Give us a call!


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