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Tankless water heaters

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Hot trends are… hot!

Hot trends are… hot! Tankless Water Heaters – topping the list of most desired home improvements for 2012 is the tankless water heater. In our recent Northwest Energy Survey, 16% of Seattle area residents planning home upgrades in 2012 are looking at tankless water heaters. Why? Because who doesn’t want an endless supply of hot…

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“Tanks” for being safety minded

Corrosion is the enemy: Inside your water heater is a metal rod called an anode. Over time, an electrochemical reaction causes the rod to corrode while the steel tank remains intact. It’s meant to do that – the anode sacrifices itself so the tank survives. But, if the anode has no metal left, well then…

Posted in : Tank water heaters, Tankless water heaters

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