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Why Choose Us For Your Gutter Needs?

Why seamless gutters? Raise your hand if you enjoy cleaning your gutters. Anyone? We didn’t think so. Seamless gutters offer a number of advantages. With fasteners and joints only at the corners and downspouts, these gutters keep debris from catching and clogging up your gutters.  Joints and seals are typically where leaks begin. Without these,…

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Why Choose Washington Energy Services For Your Siding Needs?

3D Home Rendering Fitting siding perfectly to each individual home might sound like an enormous task, but that’s the kind of old school mindset we’re trying to bypass. Using 3D rendering technology, we can make an exact model of your home on our computers, and from there, the magic begins. We can show you all…

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5 Home Winterization Tips to Save Money and Avoid Headaches

Seal Your Windows and Doors Tiny leaks can make a big dent in your home’s energy efficiency—as much as 30 percent per year! (U.S. Department of Energy) Some simple and cost-effective caulking of windows and weather stripping on doors can drastically reduce this leakage. First, find out if you have air leakage. For both doors…

Posted in : Windows, Heating, Siding, Insulation, Tips to save money, Doors

3 ways to help your home get lucky this month

Get cool with A/C. Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is forecast to be a chilly one. But in just a couple short months, you’ll be perspiring in the PNW sun. Get a jump start on your air conditioning game by installing a new unit now. Not only will you save 20% this month, but you’ll also…

Posted in : Windows, Air conditioning, Siding

Seamless gutters—the what, why, and how.

What are seamless gutters? No surprise here—they’re gutters that have no seams. They have fasteners and joints only at the corners and downspouts. Seamless gutters from Washington Energy Services are made of Reynolds aluminum and feature Reynolds ReynoGuard finish, a high-performance topcoat that’s resistant to UV radiation and extreme weather conditions. Why should I consider…

Posted in : Siding

Soundproofing your home for rest, relaxation, and recreation

How can soundproofing benefit me? Let’s highlight a few situations where soundproofing can make a big impact. Homes located near airports or major freeways are obvious candidates for soundproofing, as it can help eliminate the constant rumble of transportation. Boisterous neighbors can (unfortunately) be another catalyst for pursuing a soundproofing solution. Home theater rooms can…

Posted in : Windows, Siding, Insulation

Exploring the benefits of fiber-cement siding for seattle homes

Fiber-cement siding is one of many siding options available for your Seattle home; this versatile and cost-effective material is manufactured from a combination of cement, wood fiber, and sand. This type of siding material offers several benefits and advantages worth considering when building a new home or updating an older home’s exterior. James Hardie is…

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Is it time to re-side your home?

But we just painted a few years ago! Is there some way to lower the maintenance and cost? And that doesn’t look cheesy? Yes, new siding. Siding not only protects your house but good siding can add energy efficiency. But it’s a major investment, so how do you know when it’s really time to re-side….

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Cash for energy clunkers

But first things first: products don’t last forever. As your home’s comfort systems get older, they become inefficient and costly. That’s why for a limited time (Until 11/30/2015) you can trade in your old heating and cooling systems, windows, siding, tankless water heaters, generators, and gas fireplaces for 20% off replacements and installation from Washington…

Posted in : Tankless water heaters, Gas fireplace, Windows, Heating, Cooling, Siding, Heat pump

Avoiding the home buyer’s blues

  The major problems tended to be in the exterior (roof, siding, paint, windows), and plumbing. Many experienced mold or insect issues, heating and cooling systems that didn’t perform, and appliances that would not run. They discovered rooms with no heat, wiring problems, basements that flooded with the first rain and bad smells. There were…

Posted in : Plumbing, Siding

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