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5 Great Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Seattle

Earth day comes once a year, and while we can do something every day to improve the environment and live sustainable, this day is a great reminder to plan our contributions. Here are five great ways to celebrate earth day in Seattle. 1. Schools are a great place to celebrate Earth Day. All around the…

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Why hire a professional plumber?

Here’s why a professional is often the best choice: Mistakes can be costly. You wipe your brow, admire your handiwork, and all of a sudden, the leak intensifies. Water seeps into your carpet, warps your hardwoods, and before you know it, you’re firing off repair checks faster than you can say ‘regret’. Oftentimes, well-intentioned DIY-ers…

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3 common toilet problems (and how to fix them)

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle… A gurgling toilet is not a welcome sound. While there are a few possible causes, two of the most common are faulty tank equipment or a clog. The first cause, faulty tank equipment, can be diagnosed fairly easily. Before you throw out older pieces, first adjust the float level to ensure enough…

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3 ROI-friendly home upgrades for Puget Sound home sellers

Invest in new fixtures and hardware. Perhaps one of the least expensive upgrades you can make, new fixtures add shine and newness to any room. An older bathroom sink can instantly be brought into the 21st century with a new faucet, which can quickly and inexpensively be replaced by Washington Energy Services. The same goes…

Posted in : Doors, Windows, Plumbing

Common plumbing problems you shouldn’t ignore

Leaky Pipes While leaky pipes are common in older homes (because they often have galvanized steel pipes), they can happen in any home. If you see wet spots on the ground, ceiling, or under a sink, don’t wait to locate and repair the leak. While tightening the joints may be all that’s needed, if this…

Posted in : Plumbing

A pipe winterization checklist for Seattle homeowners

If you’re concerned about preparing your pipes for winter, look over this quick checklist and contact a plumbing service to help ensure your home’s pipes are properly prepared for the winter months: Check out your pipe insulation – Pipe insulation is one of your most effective means of defense against frozen pipes. Pipes should be…

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Hottest home upgrades of 2016

It’s time to go programmable. Let your thermostat do the work for you—just sit back, relax, and enjoy the warm or cool air. Honeywell offers an extensive line of programmable thermostats to meet any budget and technology preference. Take the Prestige IAQ 3.0 for instance. This sleek thermostat is offered in a variety of frame…

Posted in : Windows, Plumbing, Gas fireplace

Why your Seattle home could benefit from Kitec pipe replacement

Kitec is a material manufactured as an alternative to traditional copper plumbing and hydronic heating pipes and fittings. Consisting of an aluminum pipe enclosed within layers of plastic pipe, this material was used in new homes and renovations between 1995 and 2007 as piping for potable water and boiler-based in-floor or baseboard heating. However, despite…

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What is the importance of a home energy audit?

Additionally, greater home energy usage has an impact on the local and global environment. When more energy is required to maintain your lifestyle, more waste and greenhouse gases are generated in the overall production of the energy you use. A home energy audit is a complete evaluation of your home and the areas where energy…

Posted in : Home energy audit, Plumbing

The benefit of your HVAC contractor also being your plumber in emergencies

These stressful occurrences are also not the ideal times to search for a Seattle plumbing or HVAC contractor when you need immediate assistance. Working with an HVAC contractor that also offers plumbing services can offer significant benefits if you ever find yourself faced with a heating, cooling, or plumbing emergency. Establishing a relationship with a…

Posted in : Heating, Cooling, Plumbing

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