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3 ROI-friendly home upgrades for Puget Sound home sellers

Invest in new fixtures and hardware. Perhaps one of the least expensive upgrades you can make, new fixtures add shine and newness to any room. An older bathroom sink can instantly be brought into the 21st century with a new faucet, which can quickly and inexpensively be replaced by Washington Energy Services. The same goes…

Posted in : Doors, Windows, Plumbing

Hottest home upgrades of 2016

It’s time to go programmable. Let your thermostat do the work for you—just sit back, relax, and enjoy the warm or cool air. Honeywell offers an extensive line of programmable thermostats to meet any budget and technology preference. Take the Prestige IAQ 3.0 for instance. This sleek thermostat is offered in a variety of frame…

Posted in : Windows, Plumbing, Gas fireplace

What is the importance of a home energy audit?

Additionally, greater home energy usage has an impact on the local and global environment. When more energy is required to maintain your lifestyle, more waste and greenhouse gases are generated in the overall production of the energy you use. A home energy audit is a complete evaluation of your home and the areas where energy…

Posted in : Home energy audit, Plumbing

Avoiding the home buyer’s blues

  The major problems tended to be in the exterior (roof, siding, paint, windows), and plumbing. Many experienced mold or insect issues, heating and cooling systems that didn’t perform, and appliances that would not run. They discovered rooms with no heat, wiring problems, basements that flooded with the first rain and bad smells. There were…

Posted in : Siding, Home energy audit, Plumbing

Simple prep list for “northwest” winter

  Thinking about disaster is never fun, and it often hits the back burner, so if time is limited just start by taking this short list of basics to the store. Stock up yourself or use it to create a great holiday gift for someone you love. Condition Prep List Winter Driving Chains & instructions…

Posted in : Plumbing

Top 10 ideas for investing your tax refund in home upgrades – no matter what size your refund Is

    On most top 5 lists of “what to do with your tax refund”, you will find things like paying off debt, and fixing up your home. Updating your home is a great way to spend a tax refund. You get the enjoyment of living in an updated space and the investment benefit of…

Posted in : Ductless heat pump, Furnace, Plumbing, Tankless water heaters

5 great ways to celebrate Earth Day in Seattle

1. Schools are a great place to celebrate Earth Day. All around the world schools are planning educational programs in sustainability for that day. In the US, EarthDay.org is sponsoring a green schools campaign improving the facilities, food, even the schoolyards themselves. The Earthday.org website is the official location for all things Earth Day. Educators…

Posted in : Home energy audit, Plumbing

Check these 7 things before you buy a new home

  A good home inspector is going to cover all of the basics; including making sure the faucets work, checking the electrical panel, and we hope, looking at the age and condition of your water heater. But you’d be surprised at how light most inspections are. They don’t go deep in several major home systems…

Posted in : Heating, Cooling, Plumbing

New technology provides a water leak rescue

  A property manager or homeowner can do a lot to prevent water issues by knowing the current condition of their appliances, fixtures and piping, and knowing who they can call and depend on to get the job done quickly and effectively when something does happen. By replacing key heavy use items such as water…

Posted in : Plumbing

Is emergency planning just too scary?

Is emergency planning just too scary? Have you put off emergency planning because the thought of serious disaster is too scary? Our local authorities advise having 3 days of water, food, and supplies on hand and a list of other emergency items. And yet, only 30-40 percent of us do this, according to Pierce County…

Posted in : Doors, Windows, Plumbing, Insulation

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