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Is emergency planning just too scary?

Is emergency planning just too scary? Have you put off emergency planning because the thought of serious disaster is too scary? Our local authorities advise having 3 days of water, food, and supplies on hand and a list of other emergency items. And yet, only 30-40 percent of us do this, according to Pierce County…

Posted in : Doors, Windows, Plumbing, Insulation

Polling the experts: projects to get the greatest resale value for your home

From HGTV, to SmartMoney to realtor websites and blogs, we’ve examined 7 of the top articles on projects gain resale value. The articles had these 5 themes in common, making these the best of the best resale value home projects: The DIY basics still work. Paint, de-clutter, stage the furniture, add lighting and clean, clean,…

Posted in : Doors, Heating, Insulation

A cozier valentines day starts with a warm home

Employ a programmable thermostat. There are some remarkable thermostats out there such as the Honeywell Prestige thermostat that do amazing things. You can program it to lower the temperature when you go to work and raise the temperature when you are about to get home. Use a special remote to program the temperature based on…

Posted in : Doors, Windows, Insulation

Weatherize now while the sun is out

Maximize your energy benefits, with minimum work Here are three things you can do to weatherize. There are lots more, but these give you huge benefit for the least amount of work, and money. Insulation. It may not be the most glamorous home project, but one of the best energy savers for the buck is…

Posted in : Doors, Windows, Heating, Insulation

Time for one resolution you CAN keep!

We are excited for a great new year and have lots of energy saving tips and information for you in our upcoming newsletters. If you have a suggestion and/or would like to see more on a particular topic, please let us know at info@washingtonenergy.com Making a New Year’s resolution is a time honored tradition. If you’re like…

Posted in : Ductless heat pump, Insulation

Weatherization tips for saving energy & money on utilities

Windows & doors Reducing leaks around windows, doors and chimneys in your home will result in considerable annual energy savings. Insulation Insulation levels in walls, ceilings and floors of your residence play a major role in determining heating costs and comfort. To get started, here are some basic tips: • Older structures may be under-insulated…

Posted in : Heating, Cooling, Insulation

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