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HVAC Facts and Information

The meaning behind HVAC Let’s be honest, we may have all heard the term HVAC thrown around from time to time, but it’s a term that not many people are familiar with. Despite the term HVAC not being one of those daily conversation topics, it doesn’t lessen its importance. So, let’s get to it— HVAC…

Posted in : Air conditioning, HVAC, Heating, Cooling, Home improvement

The Science Behind the Anode Rod

What is the Anode Rod? Have you ever wondered how does a big metal tank full of water prevent itself from rusting? The answer is the anode rod. So, what is an anode rod and how does it work? Rust, or corrosion of metal, is created when water, oxygen and metal come in contact with…

Posted in : Tank water heaters, Tankless water heaters, Home improvement, Tips to save money, HVAC

Why You Need To Upgrade Your Locks

Security What actually makes a door secure? There are several key features to look for and understand. The number of locking points, which are where the bolts connect to the frame, helps to both secure the door, and prevent it from warping, as it can around a single deadbolt. Combining a multi-locking point system with…

Posted in : Doors, Home improvement

The Importance of a New Filter and How to Never Forget to Replace One Again

Automatic Filter Replacement Program With our Automatic Filter Replacement Program, you can set it and forget it. We completely understand that changing out your filters may seem like tedious task that is easy to forget about. However, the importance of a clean filter is critical– it helps your system continue to operate at maximum efficiency,…

Posted in : Home improvement

The Power of Investing in a Generator

Why Buy a Generator? Buying a generator secures access to electricity for your home, even in the most dire circumstances. While the benefits of this are obvious, there are some overlooked reasons why buying a generator can support your family. Safety: Electricity powers almost everything that keeps us safe. From home security equipment to appliances…

Posted in : Generators, Home improvement

Hassle-Free Maintenance From Washington Energy Services

Join our Guardian Maintenance Club Safeguard your home-comfort investment. Get automatic annual tune-ups at discounted membership rates. The HVAC equipment for your home needs to be maintained every year to keep your systems running efficiently and effectively.  Do you have a system that needs maintenance?  Heating & cooling tune-ups Furnaces and air handlers Heat pumps…

Posted in : Home improvement, Heating

The Science Behind Energy Efficient Windows

IGU’s have made two major technological improvements.  The first is a microscopically thin, low emissivity layer in the window which is commonly known as Low-E.  This clear coating—Low-E—is specifically engineered to block heat. When the sun’s UV rays enter a home, the Low-E clear coating optimizes light transmission and keeps the heat discomfort of UV…

Posted in : Home improvement, Windows, Tips to save money

How to Get a Return on Your Remodel

Remodeling requires a time investment for owners, headaches from managing contractors and, of course, the cost required to perform upgrades. Get the tips and tricks to optimize your investment.

Posted in : Tips to save money, Home improvement, How to

5 Seasonal Remodeling Hacks for Homeowners

Being a savvy shopper isn’t just about the weekly ads or coupons. Get trade-secrets with this article on the Top 5 Seasonal Remodeling Hacks for 2019. Learn when to investing in your home’s remodel that will save you thousands.

Posted in : Home improvement, How to, Tips to save money

10 Remodel Ideas To Make Your Pets Happy

For some, these changes will involve large renovations, and for others,small alterations to the layout of a particular room will do the trick. If you’re thinking about making some changes to your home that your pet will love, consider the following suggestions. But first, take note: Remodels are messy and can even be dangerous for…

Posted in : How to, Home improvement, Ductless heat pump

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