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Home energy audit

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Top 5 home energy questions of 2012

  What saves the most energy for the least cost? Answer: It depends on your house and every one is different. We agreed with the Department of Energy, insulation and sealing are a good place to start in older homes. What does a tankless water heater cost? Answer: They start around $3000 depending on model/features….

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A brighter green for the holidays

  According to the EPA, household waste increases 25 percent each year between Thanksgiving and New Years. That’s huge! We know you are already recycling, and in Seattle, composting your food scraps, right, so what else can you do? Here are 4 great ideas you might not have heard elsewhere. Have a Green Tree. Whatever…

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Home energy audits: how well is your home performing for you?

Every hole, crack, electric outlet, window, door, and insulation (or lack of), contributes to air leaking from your home. Knowing exactly where and how much energy is leaving your home can be extremely beneficial in deciding where to improve first and a home energy audit can do just this. So we asked the expert Craig…

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Energy wasters and savers

Most homes in the Northwest have computers and TV’s, DVRs, appliances and maybe game consoles, wireless routers, ceiling fans and items that need charging. Have a look around your kitchen – how many things are plugged in? But…I need my refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, food saver, dishwasher, and range, and I can’t cook…

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How the experts ranked the return on investment from home projects

How the experts ranked the return on investment from home projects HGTV Realty Times.Study of 500 realtors by HomeGain DIY Life, EHOW.com NOLO RealEstate.com SmartMoney.com 1. Spend an hour with a pro designer and get tips on decorating, paint color, staging for less than $100. Clean & de clutter – you can increase value by…

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The 5 best ways to save

The 5 Best Ways to Save 10% on Your Energy Bill     There is no one answer to becoming energy efficient.  You could change dozens of small habits such as lowering the thermostat when you’re out, or sealing wall outlets, or you can let your house do the saving for you with systems that…

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Healthy credit = great loan rates!

It makes sense to have your credit in the healthiest possible condition when you go looking for a loan. Here are some tips to help you polish up your credit score and possibly lower your interest rate: Pay all bills on time! Late payments really impact your score, and that hit can last awhile. If…

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Fix your home without breaking your wallet

  Absolutely! You just need to determine the financing strategy that makes the most sense for your situation. Options include: Cash Credit Union or bank financing through your home improvement dealer Mortgage refinance Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Home Equity Fixed Rate Loan Credit Card Here are some things to consider about each payment…

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What should you expect from a home energy audit?

Many companies currently provide different kinds of Home Energy Audits. Here’s some facts to consider: Energy assessment – Many contractors provide an informal assessment where they come to your house and recommend some products that could make your house more efficient. This is not an audit. But it’s usually free, and if all you want…

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