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5 great ways to celebrate Earth Day in Seattle

1. Schools are a great place to celebrate Earth Day. All around the world schools are planning educational programs in sustainability for that day. In the US, EarthDay.org is sponsoring a green schools campaign improving the facilities, food, even the schoolyards themselves. The Earthday.org website is the official location for all things Earth Day. Educators…

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Seeing the light; top 8 questions about the light bulb changeover.

Frequently asked light bulb questions: 1. Which bulbs are discontinued? 40 watt, 60 watt, 75 and 100 watt incandescent bulbs plus the T12 and T8 flourescent tubes used in overhead lighting. The new generation of energy efficient LED, CFL, (HE) high efficiency incandescents and deluxe fluorescent bulbs will fit in your existing fixtures. While it…

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5 basics about air sealing for single family homes

1. Sneaky leak spots There are more places where air leaks in and out of your home than you may be aware of. Most people recognize that air leaks around windows and doors, but this illustration from the Department of Energy’s Guide to Air Sealing*, shows 19 areas of the home where measurable air leaks…

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Green resolutions your house can keep in 2014

  As we have mentioned in previous articles, our homes are an important part of the eco-system in the Pacific Northwest. They produce carbon dioxide, use fuel and create waste. When it comes to easy ways to improve your carbon footprint, there is no place like home. So our top ways to achieve your Green…

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Energy action starts at home – with the air you breathe

  During house construction, small holes are drilled to run plumbing, wiring, skylights, TV and other cables as well as heating and air conditioning ductwork. These small holes collectively equal a hole the size of a basketball. Imagine that in your living room wall! These holes create a direct air exchange between the attic and…

Posted in : Home energy audit

Tips for safely insulating your home

Insulation is an important part of reducing energy bills and increasing comfort. But did you know that you can create safety issues in your home if you do not install insulation correctly? Here are three tips to installing proper insulation so you can avoid: Carbon monoxide poisoning Moisture problems and mold Fire hazards from lighting…

Posted in : Home energy audit, Insulation

Urban legends of green living

  Legend # 1 Turn down the thermostat and you’ll use less energy.  Do you keep temperatures low in winter and endure the chill to save energy and money? If your home has significant air leaks, lack of insulation and lack of duct sealing, you will just lose what little heat you are requesting from…

Posted in : Home energy audit

5 easy ways to make Earth Day count

There are many small ways to bring Earth Day into the home: Plant a tree or even a bush, on your property. It helps to reduce greenhouse gases, clean the air and keeps biodiversity strong. Some perennials like rosemary grow well in our climate, and provide you with delicious herbs too. Make a birdhouse or…

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Seattle home show 2013 recap – top energy saving questions and answers

  1. What is the benefit of a tankless water heater and is there an electric version? Tankless Water Heaters provide endless hot water, also known as hot water on demand. They do not provide “instant” hot water. (That’s the job of a recirculating pump.) Tankless benefits include; endless hot water, running multiple hot-water-using appliances…

Posted in : Ductless heat pump, Home energy audit, Tankless water heaters

True or false? Energy savings trivia to stump your friends

1. Running ceiling fans will keep empty rooms cool. False. Your ceiling fan creates a breeze that makes your skin feel cool, and does not actually change the temperature in the room. So, just like the lights, you should turn your ceiling fans off when you exit a room. 2. Closing your vents will save…

Posted in : Home energy audit

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