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Selecting a HVAC contractor

  Selecting a HVAC Contractor – An infographic by the Green Team at Washington Energy

Posted in : Heating, Cooling

Top home trends of 2014

  1. Big color, lots of it. According to Realtor.com, in 2014, bright colors “will be more of a focal point”, and “designers will start featuring vibrant accent walls, main paint colors and flooring” bringing color throughout the house. We liked this trend and put a green wall in our offices which brightens things up…

Posted in : Heating, Cooling

Whoa! My utility bills are too high!

  My electric bill is too high Do you have electric heat? Every year rates do go up and keeping the same temperature you can have higher bills. Consider: Switch from electric heat to natural gas if available on your street. There are great utility rebates from PSE, plus your ongoing heating cost will be about…

Posted in : Heating, Cooling

5 easy green holiday ideas

  1. Buy locally made presents. Not only do you get to support your neighbor’s business but things that are made locally don’t have to be transported from the other side of the world. Less transportation equals less carbon emissions. 2. There are several Christmas tree options that are greener than cutting one down. Getting…

Posted in : Windows, Heating

Take these important steps before you crank up the heat

  For any heating system (furnace, heat pump or boiler) timely maintenance can make a difference, up to 10% savings in heating costs. And importantly, if you have an older furnace, you’ll want to see how much life it’s got left in it, so it doesn’t leave you stranded in the cold. All heating equipment…

Posted in : Heating

Check these 7 things before you buy a new home

  A good home inspector is going to cover all of the basics; including making sure the faucets work, checking the electrical panel, and we hope, looking at the age and condition of your water heater. But you’d be surprised at how light most inspections are. They don’t go deep in several major home systems…

Posted in : Heating, Cooling, Plumbing

Up your house project ROI

  From HGTV, to SmartMoney to realtor websites and blogs, we examined all the top expert advice and analysis to find the common themes and save you hours of your time reading! (And time IS money, right?). We found 5 themes, making these the best of the best resale value home projects: Cover the DIY…

Posted in : Doors, Heating

What is the government up to with our furnaces

You may have heard that there is national legislation that was proposed that would require all new furnaces sold in our area to be high efficiency (90%) gas furnaces. This legislation is facing some opposition, and for the right reasons – to protect you the homeowner. For now, the industry awaits the Court’s ruling on…

Posted in : Heating, Furnace

You heard right… and wrong? In the energy news today

Yes, Federal Energy Tax Credits are back – you heard right! The 2011 federal energy tax credit for home energy improvements has been renewed for 2012 and 2013. Since 2011, only homeowners installing qualified alternative energy systems including solar, geothermal and wind energy products were able to get a federal tax credit. Now the extended…

Posted in : Heating, Furnace

Ready for back to school? How about some whole-house, natural germ fighting.

Really clean, fresh outdoor air sure smells good doesn’t it? Especially after a storm passes through. That storm naturally produces particles which scrub the air clean. There are now products, in particular the Guardian Air PHI which can produce this safe, natural, cleansing inside of your house. We don’t normally write about products, but we…

Posted in : Heating, Cooling

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