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Home-Health Tips — Get your AC Ready in Spring for Summer

Throughout the winter and early spring season, keeping your heating system functioning efficiently is your main concern. Now, warm weather is here, and we are just shy of sweltering summer heat. Check out these tips you can take today to help get your air conditioner become ready for the summer season. Now is also a…

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Do you really need air conditioning in Seattle?

Air conditioning — more specifically central air conditioning — may not seem like a necessity, but recent summers in Seattle have changed many new residents’ minds. What are the Benefits of air conditioning in the Seattle Area? Air conditioning in Seattle offers a variety of benefits, whether they’re obvious and on the surface or not….

Posted in : Cooling, Air conditioning

Spring is the time to think about air conditioning

Warm weather is definitely on the way. Soon we’ll trade in the wind and rain for beautiful, sunny days — goodbye coats, hello shorts! But if last summer is any indication, beautiful can mean HOT.

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Best Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Summer heat in Washington Most Washingtonians can agree that the summertime is one of the best season in the greater Seattle area. Blue skies and lots of sunshine, does it get better than that?  Most of us are excited for some warm weather after a long stretch of chilly days, but the higher temps bring…

Posted in : Ductless heat pump, Cooling, Air conditioning

HVAC Facts and Information

The meaning behind HVAC Let’s be honest, we may have all heard the term HVAC thrown around from time to time, but it’s a term that not many people are familiar with. Despite the term HVAC not being one of those daily conversation topics, it doesn’t lessen its importance. So, let’s get to it— HVAC…

Posted in : Air conditioning, HVAC, Heating, Cooling, Home improvement

Protect Yourself from Wildfire Smoke

Wildfires Devastating wildfires routinely hit Washington State. The Eastern side of the state always get’s hit hard, but we are seeing increased wildfires in the Puget Sound region as well. Poor Air Quality Scientific modeling and consensus shows poor air quality from smoke may be increasing in the near future. Air pollution, wildfire smoke and…

Posted in : Cooling, Indoor Air Quality

What Matters When Choosing Your New Air Conditioner

The Right Size AC Unit: Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes. While most of these will fit comfortably and seamlessly into your home, it’s important to consider this before you buy. Measure the space you want to put your new air conditioner in before making a purchase, so you don’t just add another…

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Facts about World Environment Day

Since 1974 the United Nations has lead the celebration for World Environment Day on June 5th annually. It is celebrated in over 100 countries as a day to encourage awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Each year there is a different theme and host country with 2019’s theme being “Beat Air Pollution”…

Posted in : Indoor Air Quality, Heating, Cooling

Severe NW heatwave & drought predictions

Not only are we going into summer with predictions about some of the hottest summers in Washington, but we’re expecting one of the driest. Over the past couple summers we have seen increasingly drier and hotter summers with summer of 2019 keeping that trend alive. The National Weather Service & NOAA is predicting over 60%…

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Improve Indoor Air Quality During Wildfire Smoke

As many people have noticed, the air quality is at an all time low due to the raging wildfires in Washington State. The East side of the state has been hit particularly hard and strong winds has blown the smoke into the Puget Sound area. Scientific modeling and consensus shows poor air quality from smoke…

Posted in : Indoor Air Quality, Cooling

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