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Air Purifiers

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The Facts About Air Purifiers

Do Air Purifiers Work?  Yes! You may be wondering if having an air purifier is worth it? We’re here to break down the facts about air purifiers and how they can keep us healthy and comfortable in our homes. Air purifiers do a great job of cleansing our indoor air. They refresh old, stale air…

Posted in : Air Purifiers, Indoor Air Quality, Wildfire Season

What Matters When Choosing Your New Air Purification System

How Does Air Purification Work? Air purification works in a fairly simple manner. It draws the air through a filter, and by doing so removes pathogens, particles, smoke, and many other airborne nuisances, allowing you to breathe easier. Portable air purifiers have become more popular thanks to their versatility, but if you want a comprehensive…

Posted in : Air Purifiers

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