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Air conditioning

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Things to know when adding air conditioning to your home

Tips for avoiding uneven cooling with AC “Why is the upstairs not as cool as the downstairs and what can we do to even it out?“ This has become a popular question as Seattle is having more 80 degree days, and adding air conditioning is getting more common. We custom install AC systems throughout the…

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A mom’s view of home improvement

We asked several local moms “if money was no object, what would you like to have, or do to improve your home”.  We found their ideas and stories to be great for our Puget Sound community at large. While every answer was different, topics of comfort and convenience for the children, and ease of use…

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My air conditioner isn’t keeping me cool enough

If you’ve turned on your central air conditioner only to find it isn’t cooling you down enough, Washington Energy Services has tips to help. These are for air conditioning systems, not heat pumps. Many homeowners in the Northwest are getting central air conditioning for the increasingly long months of heat. When it gets hot, we…

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Hot weather energy savers?

Whether you have a central cooling system such as a heat pump or air conditioning, or just a single fan, there are plenty of ways to save energy, and money, in the summer. Here are some easy ones: Keep heat out of the house to begin with. The hotter you make the house, the harder…

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AC vs Heat Pump: The Cooling Battle!

To start, let’s examine some similarities between heat pumps and air conditioners. Both systems are powered by outdoor units. They use the science of thermal energy to transfer heat in the air from one place to another. The units connect by a line-set charged with eco-friendly refrigerant to a coil that is placed above your…

Posted in : Air conditioning, Ductless heat pump, Heat pump

Maximum cooling

Below are simple actions you can take to help prevent any system breakdowns during the hot days of Summer! Colling conservation   To comfortably cool your home, your heat pump or air conditioner must remove both heat and humidity. Don’t turn your system off even though you will be away all day. On a hot…

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Summer tips

Provided by www.PSE.com Top ways to save energy We recommend you start with the easiest, lowest-cost, highest-value options at the top of this list. Then, as your budget, schedule, and inclinations allow, you can move down the list to more involved energy-saving options requiring a higher investment. Keep your home cool without cranking up the…

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Summer is finally here!

Are you weighing the cost of adding a heat pump, windows or making any energy efficient upgrade? If so, the total cost is not what is written on your contractor’s estimate. A more accurate way to compare options is to include the installed price of your upgrade, less the cost of the energy you will…

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Getting your ducts in a row

   Getting yearly maintenance performed on cooling equipment such as air conditioning or heat pumps. Focusing on the air delivery system or ducts. Can you imagine if you tried to eat soup out of a bowl with holes in it? You’d likely go hungry. EnergyStar ® says that 20% of the air that moves through…

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I want to be cool…

  The Northwest summer is late this year, but when it comes we’ll be scurrying to figure out how to get cool and stay energy efficient too. This month we have ways to cool your house that don’t involve something loud hanging in your window. And a helpful piece about keeping cool by checking your…

Posted in : Cooling, Air conditioning, Ductless heat pump

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