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Getting your home A/C ready for spring in Seattle

Throughout the winter season, keeping your heating system functioning efficiently is your main concern. However, even while it’s not in use, it’s important to continue caring for your air conditioner to prevent problems in the spring. Although warm weather may still be a few weeks away, there are several steps you can take today to…

Posted in : Cooling, Air conditioning

Solar power adoption in Seattle

  Is it the weather? Nope, Seattle gets as much, if not more sun than Germany, the world leader in solar implementation. Even with our grey days, we get enough sun to effectively run solar systems. Is it the availability of solar systems? We have plenty of imported and local system choices. Washington State is…

Posted in : Air conditioning, Home energy audit

Air conditioning history and timeline

  Nowadays we have a hard time imagining the sweltering hot temperature of some locales without the luxury of a cool breeze from the central air conditioner blowing in our face. But in fact, people lived for centuries without cooling appliances. When did the need for cool air indoors arise, and where does the invention…

Posted in : Cooling, Air conditioning

Do you really need air conditioning in Seattle?

Air conditioning — more specifically central air conditioning — may not seem like a necessity, but recent summers in Seattle have changed many new residents’ minds. What are the Benefits of air conditioning in the Seattle Area? Air conditioning in Seattle offers a variety of benefits, whether they’re obvious and on the surface or not….

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Can we still boast our iconic Seattle weather? Hot summer trends and 2015 forecast.

(source) What’s next in the forecast? We live in a place known for its iconic rainy weather. Should we be changing our definition of Seattle? If you look at the trends expected for this summer, it might seem so. Number of 80 degree days per year   The Weather in our area is getting progressively…

Posted in : Heating, Cooling, Air conditioning

Heat pumps vs. AC infographic

  Heat Pump vs AC’s – An infographic by the Green Team at Washington Energy

Posted in : Air conditioning, Heat pump

Things to know when adding air conditioning to your home

Tips for avoiding uneven cooling with AC “Why is the upstairs not as cool as the downstairs and what can we do to even it out?“ This has become a popular question as Seattle is having more 80 degree days, and adding air conditioning is getting more common. We custom install AC systems throughout the…

Posted in : Cooling, Air conditioning

A mom’s view of home improvement

We asked several local moms “if money was no object, what would you like to have, or do to improve your home”.  We found their ideas and stories to be great for our Puget Sound community at large. While every answer was different, topics of comfort and convenience for the children, and ease of use…

Posted in : Windows, Air conditioning, Tankless water heaters

My air conditioner isn’t keeping me cool enough

If you’ve turned on your central air conditioner only to find it isn’t cooling you down enough, Washington Energy Services has tips to help. These are for air conditioning systems, not heat pumps. Many homeowners in the Northwest are getting central air conditioning for the increasingly long months of heat. When it gets hot, we…

Posted in : Air conditioning

Hot weather energy savers?

Whether you have a central cooling system such as a heat pump or air conditioning, or just a single fan, there are plenty of ways to save energy, and money, in the summer. Here are some easy ones: Keep heat out of the house to begin with. The hotter you make the house, the harder…

Posted in : Windows, Air conditioning

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