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Benefits of a Mini-Split System

Mikala Davidson | 04/08/2021 | Posted in Ductless heat pump, HVAC, Rebates, Indoor Air Quality, Air conditioning

What is a Ductless Heat Pump?

Ductless Heat Pumps, also referred to as Mini-Split Systems could be the perfect addition to your home. Mini-splits are popular for their compact size, energy efficiency and ability to provide both heating and cooling.

Prepare to SAVE money on electric bills

One of the best features about a ductless system is that you will save on monthly costs! These systems distribute warm and cool air evenly throughout your home and are far more energy efficient than electric furnaces, baseboard heaters or portable heaters. 

Comfort in every room

Ductless systems give you the luxury to control your home’s temperature in different areas of the house. For example, if you like to sleep in a cool room at night, but have little ones that like it warm– mini-split’s are the perfect option for you. However, don’t let the compact indoor unit fool you, these units are highly effective and are able to heat or cool a large living space; making them great for open floor plans as well.

Heating and cooling capabilities 

We’re all about efficiency in every aspect– and that’s why we love the ductless heat pump! These systems provide the luxury of both heating and cooling, so no need to purchase two separate systems– this one does it all.

Cleaner indoor air quality

Did you know that oftentimes indoor air is dirtier than outside air? Bleh! 

Having clean indoor air quality is vital to a healthy home. Due to a ductless system not using ducts, that eliminates that factor of dust, dirt and mold build up within your duct system. You can’t go wrong with clean indoor air quality

Financing options and instant rebates through Washington Energy

We recognize that installing a new HVAC system can be expensive and that’s why we provide competitive financing options and instant rebates on select products. Let us make it easy on you– from scheduling your appointment to installation to financing; we’ve got you covered on everything.

Plus, we partner with local utility companies like SnoPUD, Puget Sound Energy and Seattle City Light for even greater savings!

4 Responses to “Benefits of a Mini-Split System”

  • C Meyers

    Just installed a mini split in new construction, then inspector told us we still need electric heaters in each room… So what’s the point?

  • hvac columbus

    The main advantages of mini-splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning and cooling individual rooms.

  • Greg Firnstahl

    Interested in a mini split heating/cooling system
    For master bedroom and kitchen

    • Mikala Davidson

      Hello Greg! Thanks for your comment. We’d be more than happy to get you set up with a Mini-Split system for your home. Please feel free to submit a free estimate form on our website, https://www.washingtonenergy.com/get-an-estimate/. From there, one of our Customer Service Reps will reach out to you with more information on pricing and scheduling availability. We look forward to hearing from you!


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