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The benefit of your HVAC contractor also being your plumber in emergencies

Lindsay Paramore | 01/07/2016 | Posted in Heating, Cooling, Plumbing

Home emergencies such as heating and cooling breakdowns or major plumbing problems are not situations you should have to face alone.

These stressful occurrences are also not the ideal times to search for a Seattle plumbing or HVAC contractor when you need immediate assistance. Working with an HVAC contractor that also offers plumbing services can offer significant benefits if you ever find yourself faced with a heating, cooling, or plumbing emergency. Establishing a relationship with a company you know you can trust will offer you greater convenience and peace of mind so you can manage emergencies more smoothly and with less stress.

A name and face you trust

Finding HVAC and plumbing assistance from a company you trust can take time. When you opt to work with separate HVAC and plumbing companies, you must go through this process twice; alternatively, when your HVAC contractor is also your plumber, you’ll have a single company that you know you can trust and count on when you need any type of help with home heating, cooling, and plumbing. Even if you have never used your HVAC contractor for plumbing services or vice versa, knowing you already have the name and number of a company—and often a technician—that you trust with your home is invaluable during an emergency. You won’t have to worry whether you can rely on the company you’ve hired to deliver the service you expect, because you will already have a positive history with them and their work.

Better customer service and workmanship

When you deal with a single contractor to handle HVAC and plumbing emergencies, you’ll only need to reach a single contact when calling for assistance. This can make handling emergencies much faster and easier, as your contractor can look up all previous work that has been performed on your home and note any concerns that may have arisen or been addressed that might be related to your emergency situation. When you receive assistance from a contractor that is skilled in both HVAC and plumbing service, you’ll also receive better workmanship in general—because these two integral home systems often share many components and can have far-reaching effects on each other, working with a company that understands how to handle both means the service you receive will address all your needs and improve the function of your entire home. When your contractor already fully understands the details of your unique plumbing and HVAC systems, he can diagnose issues more quickly and suggest the best resolution to an emergency situation that will not only solve your immediate problem, but result in better long-term function and a reduced risk of further problems as well.

When you need a Puget Sound plumbing or HVAC contractor you can trust, our skilled technicians are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your HVAC or plumbing check-up and for 24/7 HVAC and plumbing emergencies, always call Washington Energy Services.

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