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Window Shades: A Surprising Route to Energy Efficiency

Matt Hirsch | 04/01/2020 | Posted in Windows

When you think about heating and cooling your home, you might be thinking the only way is through an HVAC system. However, you have options– with Lutron Window Shades! Having high quality window coverings really can make a difference when it comes to keeping in the warmth in during the winter and the cool air in during the summer.

Window shades have come a long way since the old-fashioned pull shades that tore easily and sometimes stopped rolling up and down altogether. These days, Washington Energy Services offers gorgeous, high quality Lutron Window Shades. They are more than just a pretty window covering and can help you save on your utility bills.

Energy Efficiency

Whether you choose Lutron Roller Window Shades, or Honeycomb Window Shades, both have the ability to keep the warm or cool air in as the seasons change. This provides energy efficiency and can help immensely when it comes to your utility bill.

Multiple Styles and Colors for Your Home

Lutron shades are elegant, and come in an array of colors to fit your home’s color palette. Whether you choose Honeycomb or Roller shades, they will be a stunning addition to any room in your house.

Easy to Operate

Lutron Honeycomb Shades are remote controlled for easy operation. Or for even more convenience, Lutron Roller Shades can be controlled by wall panels, remote control, automatic timer or an app on your smartphone/tablet. 

Security and Safety

Both options are cord free, making them safe for children and pets. Lutron Roller Window Shades have a pre-programmable away from home setting that closes the shades to reduce or eliminate visibility into your home for maximum privacy and security.

Lutron Window Shades will transform the look of any room all while improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Ready to learn more about Lutron Window Shades? Contact us today to see how Washington Energy Services can help keep your home comfortable. and your energy bill manageable.

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