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5 reasons to add a gas fireplace insert to your home

Danielle Onat | 03/07/2017 | Posted in Gas fireplace, Heating

We’re not out of the woods yet… it’s still cold here in the PNW. And while we can dream about spring and summer being on the way, we’re still dealing with frigid, wet, chill-you-to-the-bone weather. One way to combat the chill—and save money while doing it—is to invest in a gas fireplace insert for your Lynnwood home.

Stay warm & save money in Seattle with Gas Fireplace Inserts.

Stay warm, save money.

Gas fireplace inserts are zone-heating champions, meaning they provide substantial warmth in a specific room or area. If your gas fireplace insert is located in the room where you or your family reside most, such as a living or family room, it heats where you need it, when you need it. This can greatly cut down on unnecessary heating, add to the comfort of your home, and reduce overall energy usage. Simply turn down the central thermostat and let the fireplace heat where you live. Easy and efficient!­

Greener means cleaner.

Gas fireplace inserts remove the dangers of smoke inhalation, which is a major plus for adults, but crucial for babies and children. There are also no ashes to clean up. A simple flip of a switch or push of a button, and you have clean, healthy heat.

Get your cozy on.

This one is simple—there’s nothing cozier than a fire. A glowing fire has a calming and relaxing effect, and contributes to the ambiance of any home. Add the warmth factor, and you’ve made an investment that is comforting on all fronts.

Unique styles for unique tastes.

Do you love the rustic charm of mason jars and burlap? Or do you swoon at the sight of clean lines and minimalistic design? Perhaps you fall somewhere in between. In any case, there’s a gas fireplace insert to match your unique décor style. The Archgard Optima series will fit well in the home of the mason jar enthusiast, while the Archgard DVI Glass Fireplace will blend seamlessly in a modern setting.

We believe that a gas fireplace insert isn’t just a source of heat—it’s a centerpiece that should speak to your home’s décor and beauty. That’s why we sell and install the highest quality Archguard gas fireplace inserts.

Investing in a gas fireplace insert is investing in your home.

Gas fireplace inserts hold their value remarkably well, and add to the value of your home. In fact, it’s estimated that homeowners can recover 91% of the cost of the unit when selling a home.

In addition to Washington Energy Services’ experienced, knowledgeable installers, our Archgard products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. There’s no better time to elevate your décor, save money, and end winter on a warm note.

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