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5 home weatherization tips to stay cozy and efficient

Washington Energy | 09/23/2015 | Posted in Insulation, Gas fireplace

It’s official. Summer is over, and it’s time to welcome fall’s crisp weather, crunching leaves, and smiling jack-o’-lanterns. But as you sip your pumpkin spice latte, preparing yourself for the season’s colder weather, consider preparing your home as well.

The following tips feature easy checks, adjustments, and maintenance practices you can undertake now to ensure your fall and winter seasons stay warm, dry, and efficient.

Keep those cold days warm

Preparing your heating system for the weather change is perhaps the most important component of fall and winter comfort. Sediment build-up in your furnace or heat pump causes inefficiency, unnecessary cost, and can even present a safety issue. We recommend our 37-point precision tune up to ensure your family stays warm and safe this season.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to replace your furnace filter regularly. WES makes it even easier with our filter program, which automatically delivers filters to your door when it’s time for replacement.

Insulate before it’s too late

When your winter coat is too light or just not suitable to the conditions, the cold seeps in and you need to turn up the heat. A poorly insulated home is the same way. It causes your heat to travel to unnecessary locations, while working harder in the places you do need it, such as the living spaces and bedrooms. Upgrading or increasing your insulation now is one of the most effective ways to achieve energy savings—especially when you work with WES.

Check for drafts and cracks

While you may enjoy the crisp fall breeze, you definitely don’t want it breezing into your home. You also don’t want your warm air to escape. Luckily, weatherizing your windows and doors is relatively easy and can make a big difference for both comfort and energy savings.

First, test each window and exterior door in your home. Do you feel drafts coming through? Look for cracks. For doors, you’ll see them on the edges, where a bit of sunlight peeks through. Simply apply new weather stripping (potentially with a larger thickness). Window cracks or seal breaks will require caulking or weather stripping as well.

However, if your windows have larger problems, such as rot, condensation between glass panes, or continuous leakage, it may be time to replace them. Contact WES about window options and replacement or take a look at this recent blog post to learn more.

Cozy up

The leaves are falling, the days are becoming shorter, and you find yourself dreaming about basking in the warmth of your fireplace. If this isn’t on your fall and winter to-do list, it should be. No firewood, matches, kindling, or soot required. Gas fireplaces from WES feature beautiful designs and ambiance, while providing glowing, efficient heat that will serve as the backdrop to your fall and winter memories.

See the light

With shorter days descending upon us, the lights must stay on longer. Check both your indoor and outdoor lights to ensure they’ve all been replaced with energy efficient light bulbs. This is particularly important for outdoor lights, which tend to stay on for long periods of time in the fall and winter. Take it one step farther by installing lighting products that feature automatic daylight shut-off, motion sensors, and can withstand rain and snow. Doing so will keep your home bright and efficient.

Yes, summer has come to an end. But welcome fall and winter by following these weatherization tips, and your family will stay comfortable for all the football parties, pumpkin-carving sessions, and turkey dinners the season has to offer.

2 Responses to “5 home weatherization tips to stay cozy and efficient”

  • Portella

    Hey, thanks! That was actually good advice to insulate windows and doors that have cracks. Or replace them if they are old and have some problems such as rot and condensation. After all, air leaks from bad-quality windows and doors can account for 30 percent of your home’s energy bill!

  • ESCO

    Thanks for sharing such helpful tips! I would also recommend checking your furnace filters. The thing is that dirty filters can make the device work harder (they should be cleaned at least once every three months). Additionally, this may cause it to break down, which is unlikely to help you stay cozy.


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