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Guardian Maintenance Club Terms Restrictions

1. Guardian Maintenance Club is a renewable preventative maintenance program. Membership includes an annual precision tune-up service on one or more selected pieces of equipment per household or business. Club coverage and benefits applies exclusively to equipment on Guardian Maintenance Club. Precision Tune Up service and rates do not include any additional parts and/or labor required to affect repair on equipment

2. Annual Precision Tune-Up Service – Guardian Maintenance Club customers are entitled to one annual precision tune up on all equipment under club coverage to be done at the same time.

3. Anniversary Date: The anniversary date is the date in which the first precision tune up service was performed and is the start of the Guardian Maintenance Club coverage.

4. Guardian Maintenance Club Membership Payment Choices

a. Guardian Maintenance Club Flat Rate – Flat rate coverage begins on the anniversary date and ends on the same calendar day after the conclusion of all years in the term of the agreement.

b. Guardian Maintenance Club On-Going – On-going club coverage begins on the anniversary date. Customer will be billed on an on-going monthly basis on the anniversary calendar date every month while on the Club membership. On-Going customers will automatically renew club coverage annually. Club coverage ends when customer informs Washington Energy Services that they no longer wish to be on Guardian Maintenance Club.

5. Precision Tune Up Scheduling Disclaimer – Annual Precision Tune-Ups must be scheduled within 60 days of the Club anniversary date (30 days prior and 30 days after). If a customer fails to schedule within their respective window they will forfeit their precision tune-up for that year. Washington Energy Services will make a good faith effort to schedule precision tune up within the 60 day window of anniversary date.

a. Additionally emergencies caused by inclement weather will be prioritized over precision tune-up appointments and may require precision tune up rescheduling. Washington Energy Services will still preform rescheduled annual precision tune-up’s even if the date of service is past 30 days of anniversary date.

6. Air Conditioning Disclaimer – Any Club membership that includes an air conditioner must have an anniversary date between May 15th and September 15th. Air Conditioners do not qualify for club membership

7. Open Enrollment Period – Open enrollment begins 1 calendar month prior to the anniversary date and ends on the anniversary date OR date of precision tune-up service, whichever comes first. Only during open enrollment can customers add/remove equipment under club coverage

8. Written Maintenance Checklist – Each annual precision tune-up preformed under coverage will include a written checklist provided to customer upon completion of service. The written checklist will include: Date of service, description of all points inspected and/or cleaned and written notice of any recommendations required for repair and/or adjustment. This will be provided prior to the performance of any additional work.

9. Filter Included with Maintenance – One 1” (one inch) furnace filter or equivalent will be provided and installed during the annual precision tune up service if equipment is under club coverage. The replacement of other/larger filters will not be free of charge. If desired, these filters can be purchased separately. In the case of an electronic air cleaner, the Service Tech will clean the rods. No credit will be authorized for the lack of 1” filter.

10. 15% off Repairs, Labor and Service Fees – All Guardian Maintenance Club Members will receive the added benefit of 15% discount off all required repairs, labor and service fees not covered under an active manufacture warranty. The 15% discount will be based on standard published retail rates and cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

11. 15% off Most Installed Products: Offer excludes service, filters, plumbing, tank water heaters, storm doors sold separately, clearance items, and Home Performance Audits. Home Performance Audit packages and accessories sold separately.

12. Guaranteed Maintenance Reminder Service – Washington Energy will send first reminder of the need to schedule the annual precision tune-up via email address provided by customer. Between first reminder and anniversary date, Washington Energy will attempt to contact customers with at least one phone call.

13. Cancellations/Refunds – All club memberships are non-refundable. If a customer cancels their scheduled annual precision tune-up and does not reschedule within the 60 day window of anniversary date, the customer will forfeit that year’s annual precision tune-up