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Frequently Asked Siding Questions

Why is Washington Energy Services the best choice for siding replacement?

Your Own Siding Design Consultant

One Contact from Beginning to End

Your siding expert will be by your side throughout the whole process. With Washington Energy, you have your one siding contact to go to for any questions or concerns during the entire process without having to deal with the hassle of a call center. You are the client and we want to take care of you and your home. One of our select siding specialists will be assigned unique to you.

Extensive Portfolio of Design Options

Foster your Inner Design Skills

Our experienced siding replacement specialists will provide you with a range of options for your unique siding replacement needs. When you sit down with your siding replacement specialist they will help you customize your home so it stands out on the block. Choose from a large selection of styles from contemporary to more traditional to ensure it fits your personality. Everyone is different so it doesn’t make sense to only provide limited options. Whatever you choose, we are there to inform you on the benefits and features of all types of our beautiful siding product.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, We Trust Our Team & Products THAT Much

We back every project we install with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our products or service, we will simply remove our equipment and refund your money.* See details.

Experienced Siding Installers

Your siding is professionally installed and warrantied by Washington Energy Services. You don’t have to worry about buying from one company and having another install it. We hire only experienced installers who must be licensed, bonded and drug tested. Plus, we believe in continuous training to ensure high standards and quality siding installations. Siding your home is a large project and it is the sum of numerous details. Our siding installation specialists take great pride in making sure you have the information you need to make the right decision for your family and home. There will be no shortcuts that  come back to bite you later on. We want your home to look great for many years to come.

The Best Installers in the Industry

Continuous Training
No Shortcuts
Licensed, Bonded & Drug Tested

All of our siding installers undergo stringent background checks and drug screens to ensure your safety.

BBB A+ Rating

A Badge you Can Trust

We’re honored to get BBB Accreditation as not every company is eligible. BBB is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on businesses. Businesses must meet their high standards and we continue to live up to their Standard of Trust by emphasizing fair & honest practices for our customers.

How can I tell if it’s time for siding replacement?

Siding, like roofing is critical for the protection of your home. When siding fails you can have water, rot, termite (if its wood), mold and other issues such as rodents getting in. That is why having good siding is considered the number one thing you can do to improve your home’s resale value. Another reason to consider siding replacement is if you have old worn siding and want to improve your energy efficiency. Insulated composite siding such as Cedar Ridge Siding provides a guarantee of 20% saving on energy costs to heat and cool your home.

What are the advantages of fiber cement siding?

James Hardie fiber cement siding can help protect your house in a unique way because fiber cement is non-combustable, aka fire resistant. It is durable, attractive and can handle the weather well. That is why Hardiplank is one of the most popular Seattle siding choices.

What is the most important decision I need to make about my home siding?

If you are considering replacing your siding, the most important decision is who you trust to install it. When you choose Washington Energy Services as your siding dealer, you get a knowledgeable and experienced home energy specialist to work with you from beginning to end. We are with you through every aspect of the process, from your initial consultation and design discussions, to selection of the right type of product, color, texture, finish and trim for your home, and then our professional installation crew does your siding installation. Should an issue arise, we are here to service your warranty.

Check out some of our before and after photos for examples. We have received excellent reviews for siding on Angies list and, or see this real life un-paid customer and his Washington Energy siding story. 

Siding Installation – What to expect?

Most homeowners replace siding once in a lifetime. It’s a major purchase and much consideration goes into every aspect, from choosing a siding contractor to selecting siding material, colors and trims. That’s such a big decision, it’s hard to even think ahead to the installation. The whole process takes some time and has many facets. While we can’t comment on other contractors’ methods, here is what to expect if you replace siding with Washington Energy.

Starting the Project Right

  • During your initial appointment for an estimate, our Home Energy Specialist will share siding choices with you. The siding’s durability, warranty, look, and color are all factors to consider, along with price. We carry multiple types of siding and will provide several options. We will let you know of any obstacles which could impact the look you desire or could pose a delay in the installation process.
  • Once you make your selection, you have a full team on your project. Washington Energy Services provides coordinators and installation managers to oversee the entire process. A ‘critical measure’ will then be scheduled. The siding installation manager will visit your home and do detailed and final measurements. Like the old adage, “measure twice, cut once”, this ensures that we order the correct amount of product.
  • Two days before installation, equipment begins arriving at the home (dumpsters, siding, portable restrooms, among other items). We typically order our own portable restrooms, this way, there’s no more “Ma’am/Sir, can I use your bathroom?”

During Siding Installation

  •  The typical installation is a 10-day process. The first day is the most important, as we make sure our work is clearly stated and a timeline is given. This way, on day 8, you don’t pull into your driveway wondering where the rest of your house went. Taking the siding off of a homeowner’s home can be really stressful, so we want to set expectation levels.
  •  On the first day of Siding Installation, we ask that customers are present. You will meet the project manager and go over the work plan, and how your home can avoid any complications (like your picture frames falling from your walls due to vibrations). Our goal is to ensure that you are aware of what’s going to happen next.
  • Our jobsite is your home, so we make sure to treat it well. Throughout the process, our installers keep your home clean by making sure we have dumpsters at your home, the equipment is neatly stored and doesn’t pose a problem, and we clean everyday. That’s right, everyday! Siding has old nails which may have rusted over time, contain mold from water intrusion, and have sharp edges which could pose a threat to kids, you, or our employees. During an average installation, 9,000 old nails are taken off a home to remove all the old siding. So, cleanliness is important.
  • We make sure to secure everything at night to ensure materials are not stolen and mess is reduced.
  • During the rainy season (not the Summer), extra precautions are taken to keep the rain and mud away. First, we place plywood over our working area. We don’t want muddy shoes leaving a trail or dents in the yard from equipment.
  • When the project concludes we will go over the care information and make sure the work is to your satisfaction.

Do you do siding repairs?

While we perform siding repairs for our warranty customers, we do not do siding repair projects or one wall jobs. This is because our crews are staffed and set up to do larger projects of 2 or more sides or whole house siding.

What if I have LP siding?

LP siding from the Louisiana Pacific company was put on many Seattle and Tacoma houses. It is known to fail and absorbs moisture. We can skip the part about how there was a class action suit and settlement, and just say, it’s not going to last. We have heard of instances where banks won’t finance a loan to buy a house with LP siding, so if you have it, replace or cover it.

Not sure if your LP siding is failing,? Look first around doors, windows and chimney for swelling, rot, separation, fungus, and delamination of the siding. These are the signs. We can help you evaluate the condition of the siding and advise you on replacements that can fit your budget or design needs. All kinds of houses had LP siding put on, so don’t think that if you live in a nice neighborhood it can’t happen to you. Bad siding can happen to good people. We are here to help. 

So, put our experienced professionals to work for you. Call 800-398-4663 or complete our FREE Estimate Form.

We provide free estimates for projects of 2 or more sides.

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