Repiping your home or business

Having good quality, working pipes is essential to safe plumbing, yet so many homes have a mix of piping done at different times by different plumbers and homeowners.

Some symptoms of poor piping might be:

  • Low water pressure
  • Rust in water
  • Limescale buildup on fixtures and piping
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Dramatic fluctuations in shower water temperature

Older homes constructed prior to 1970 are likely to have some galvanized steel water pipes in them. These pipes corrode over time and the minerals will rust and build up. The unfortunate thing about piping is that it does not wear like tires; tires wear from the outside-in making it obvious when the tires are worn and need replaced. Piping wears from the inside-out, leaving you little to no warning at all that there is about to be a leak.

When you start to see that rust in your water you may be in an advanced stage of corrosion, heading for the next stage – leaking. The average home has between 55 -65 psi of water pressure. One leak can literally cause thousands of dollars in property damage. The best approach is to take preventative measures to insure that you will not be forced to deal with an emergency situation. Low water pressure can come from a build up of that rust as well.

Time for re-piping?

Re-piping is the replacing of the water supply pipes in your home. You may not have experienced any leaks in your system, but plumbing is one of those things that doesn’t give you any warning. You typically never know there is a problem until it’s too late. You may only see one small leak but it may indicate a much larger problem. So, re-piping can be a complete or partial replacement of your water piping system.

This re-piping process may include using new high quality copper piping, stainless steel water supply lines and some plastic pipes depending on your home and its needs. Copper and PEX piping will not rust, and will not develop the issues of galvanized iron piping.

Washington Energy’s plumbers are your Seattle and Tacoma re-pipe specialists. They are experts at all levels of re-piping and plumbing options.

The new piping will be attached to all existing faucets and fixtures. In order to do a complete job, the plumbers will need to get access to the pipes in your walls, so after the re-piping, some wall patching will be required. Once the new piping system is installed, the plumbing system will be pressure tested and flushed and we will guarantee the workmanship for 10-years.

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