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Washington Energy Services has been serving customers with their Seattle furnace, heating and water heater needs since 1957.  Whether you are heating air or heating water, we have a full range of heating products right for Seattle homes.

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York Furnaces and Heating Products

Washington Energy Services carries the York ® brand of heating products, including furnaces and heat pumps because we believe they offer superior heating. York ‘s Affinity furnaces are Consumers Digest’s best buy and at 98% AFUE, the most energy efficient furnace on the market today. York products have been awarded “Most Efficient” by EnergyStar several years in a row.

We can help you to get the best heating system for your home and capture all of the value of local utility rebates for energy efficient heating. For example, there are PSE rebates for energy efficient furnaces of 95+ AFUE. Your furnace could be eligible for $150 or more in rebates – ask our Seattle home energy specialist for more details. Seattle furnaces, heat pumps, ductless and hybrid systems can all have Seattle heating rebate options depending on who your utility is and what kind of system you install.

Hybrid Heating Systems

A hybrid heating system is one in which you have a gas furnace or electric air handling furnace and it is connected to a heat pump to provide heating for your home. In Seattle, where we have some short but warm summers, this system can provide both heating and cooling. Heating with a hybrid system is very energy efficient, as heat pumps use the least amount of fuel to provide heat. It takes as much heating from the ambient air around it as it can. The furnace fan spreads the heat through your heating ducts into your house, and serves as a back up heat source when it gets colder and you need more warmth. We size the hybrid heating system to fit your home and its needs, whether you are in Seattle, Tacoma or anywhere in Puget Sound.

Heating Service

We also provide heating service and maintenance for heating equipment and water heaters. HVAC service is available for York products and also for other brands and models. Our technicians are trained heating experts and can service most furnace, heat pump, or water heater models. Call our customer care center should you want to get a heating maintenance or heating service call set up for your heating system. Most heating product manufacturers recommend maintaining heating equipment annually. Tankless water heater maintenance may be less frequent depending on your use.

Here in Seattle heating is on in most homes for up to 9 months in the year. So you want to be as energy efficient in your heating as possible. This is why a high efficiency furnace or hybrid heating system can be of benefit in Seattle.

Heating Thermostats

An important part of your heating system is the thermostat. Having a programmable thermostat is recommended for increasing your energy efficiency. You can have it automatically adjust heating when you are not home and get it back up to temperature right before your return. Or in many cases you can use your smart phone to adjust it from anywhere.

What does a heating unit look like? Here’s that York Hybrid Heating system with furnace and heat pump.

Seattle Heating; York Hybrid Heating System with furnace and heat pump
Heating can also be provided for your home via a ductless heat pump. Learn more about ductless heat pumps on our website.

Water Heating

Water Heaters sold in Seattle come in three main varieties these days.

  1. Standard tank water heaters such as a 50 gallon tank water heater.
  2. Tankless water heaters, such as the Rheem Tankless water heater, Rinnai Tankless water heater or Eternal Tankless water heater.
  3. Hybrid heat pump water heaters that combine the heating for air and water – a heat pump and water heater in one.

Water Heater Sales

Washington Energy Services sells, installs and services all 3 types of water heaters. We’ve been doing it since 1957. We have competitive pricing on all of our water heaters and offer water heater financing. We’re upfront about our water heater costs and can provide expert installation and service. If you want a standard tank water heater, we can quote you over the phone and have it installed sometimes the same day.

Heating Water can be energy efficient

There are new types of water heaters that can reduce the amount of energy used for water heating in your home. Tankless water heaters are up to 30% more energy efficient and Heat Pump water heaters are even more efficient at heating water for less energy than that.

Gas Fireplace Heating

Not just for looks anymore, natural gas fireplaces provide actual sources of heating for your home. Gas fireplaces are warm and cozy and energy efficient heating sources. Here is a picture of a gas fireplace doing its heating! Just feel the warmth in that picture and imagine yourself there.

Seattle Heating Solutions at Washington Energy Services

Heating Products

Seattle area residents, come visit us to learn more about heating and see all of these heating products. Our showroom in Lynnwood features all of our heating products including an array of gas fireplaces, furnace, water heaters, heat pumps and more.

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