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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Washington Energy Services’s vinyl windows apart from competitors?

Signature Vinyl Window Design

Why choose vinyl replacement windows?

Insulated vinyl frame windows are highly energy efficient, adding insulation to key areas of your home. The vinyl can be white or one of several other colors, and does not require painting or staining. The low maintenance vinyl is a versatile product that looks great on both new and old homes. A wide selection of textures, colors, and styles provide dozens of styling options. Vinyl windows are also a great value and typically more less expensive than other high efficiency options.

Does having windows manufactured entirely in the Northwest matter? 

Absolutely! Local manufacturing benefits the quality of the product, as well as our local communities and economy.

Designed specifically for Washington window replacements, our line of four premium vinyl windows are made entirely in the Northwest to meet the climate needs of Northwest homes. Unlike other windows that are manufactured in other parts of the country and shipped here, there’s no change in altitude to ruin your argon gas fill or warp your frame and damage the protective seal. This can make a substantial difference in the long-term performance of your window.

These locally-made windows also support our Northwest economy. Our glass is made by world leader, Cardinal Glass, and our finished product is produced by VPI of Spokane. We work with facilities all over Washington state that make, finish, and transport our windows. This process of quality is completed by our experienced window specialists who will install your windows and service continue to service them in the future.

Our windows speak to our ongoing commitment to quality and comprehensive window expertise.

How much experience does Washington Energy Services have in vinyl window replacements?

WES has provided window replacement for over 40 years. As a home improvement leader since 1957, we sell, install, and service windows, patio doors, and other products for your home. Our residential window experts will work closely with you to tailor solutions to fit your needs and budget, and your window installation will be done by our experienced specialists. 

What features should I look for when considering vinyl replacement windows?

According to the Department of Energy (ENERGY STAR), and in our experience, these are the most important features:

1. Glass type and coating (Low E, Triple silver, 4 Silver, etc.) for energy efficiency.

2. Insulated frames

3. ENERGY STAR certified

4. Proper vinyl window installation techniques for support and moisture barriers

5. Window glass strength

6. Lifetime warranty

What brand of vinyl windows do you sell?

After many years of representing multiple products, we wanted to design a better window for Northwest weather. Working closely with VPI Windows of Spokane and Cardinal Glass, we created a series of insulated vinyl windows that meet the highest energy efficiency standards. Our Signature series vinyl windows are the premium choice to perform optimally in our beautiful state of Washington. Each of our four models are ENERGY STAR qualified. They range in price and features and are available with matching patio doors. Our windows provide:

  • Beauty, durability, and low maintenance
  • Optional colors and design choices
  • Foam filled frame for increased insulation and heat control
  • High performance glass, Low E Argon filled
  • Construction methodology that is built to last
  • Super spacer technology
  • Improved sound reduction
  • UV Self Clean™ glazing
  • Perfect seal installation
  • Complete lifetime product, installation, and glass breakage warranty

Learn more about our window options with a no-pressure free estimate.

Because we install every replacement window we sell, you’ll experience peace-of-mind knowing you are receiving high quality products, at a competitive price, installed by the industry’s best.

Can these vinyl windows be used in mobile or manufactured homes? 

Yes! Our vinyl windows are great for mobile or manufactured homes, and we extensive experience installing them.
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