Daikin Multi-Zone Ductless Heat Pump

Daikin Multi-zone comfort systems allow for one outdoor unit that connects up to four separate indoor units which are individually controlled. You can set each room at different temperatures for customized comfort. Super efficient electric heating, perfect for Northwest homes.

Model MXS is a Daikin Multi-Zone Ductless Heat Pump System

Daiken Multi Zone Slim Ductless Heat Pump
Daiken Multi Zone Slim Ductless Heat Pump

Daikin Multi-Zone Ductless Heat Pump

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In sizes up to 32,000 BTUs, when paired with indoor units, save energy at 19.5 SEER and 9.2 HSPF

A ductless heat pump is a highly efficient heating and cooling system that is easy to install. Ductless mini splits heat AND cool homes at a fraction of the cost of baseboard and wall heaters.

Energy Star

Efficiency and Energy Savings

The EnergyStar qualified Daikin multi-zone unit provides energy efficient heating and cooling and qualifies for local rebates and federal tax credits. Daikin’s inverter technology works smarter to provide more heat for you even at temperatures below freezing. Save 25%-40% vs the cost of electric baseboard heating.

Individual Comfort Levels

Serve 2 to 4 zones for whole home comfort. Manage with your wireless remote control so you are in charge of your comfort. Learn more about Daikin at www.goingductlessnorthwest.com

A Healthier Lifestyle

Enhanced indoor air quality with the titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter which absorbs microscopic particles and decomposes odors.

Calm & Peaceful

Quiet mode feature allows for an ultra soothing air flow.

Uninterrupted Decor

Matches with any interior decor with its sophisticated design.

Great Warranties

Standard Warranty: Compressor – 7 Years, Parts – 5 Years

Ductless Heat Pump Rebates

Converting From Electric Baseboard Heat

Utility Rebates May Be Available

Puget Sound Energy: $1200 Ductless Heat Pump Rebate

Seattle City Light: $1500 Ductless Heat Pump Rebate

Learn More About Other Rebates

Or simply give us a call 800-398-HOME for any questions.

Learn More

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Your Own Home Energy Specialist

One Contact from Beginning to End

Every home is different and one heating system may not be ideal for another. Your knowledgeable energy specialist will provide you with the best heating choices and honest advice on the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision. It doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve made a decision, they will be there to answer any of your questions throughout the entire process. You have a single contact to go to before, during and even after your ductless heat pump is installed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, We Trust Our Team & Products THAT Much

We back every project we install with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our products or services, we will simply remove our equipment and refund your money.*

The Best Installers in the Industry

100 Hours of Continuous Training

Each ductless heat pump technician receives a minimum of 100 hours of “on-the-job-training” each year to ensure everyone is up to date and fresh on best practices.

Licensed, Bonded & Drug Tested

All of our ductless heat pump technicians undergo stringent background checks and drug screens to ensure your safety.

No Subcontractors

Keeping it in the House

We do not use subcontractors to install any furnace. Your brand new furnace will be professionally installed by Washington Energy Services employees only.

NATE Certified

Details Matter

Our technicians are NATE Certified. When choosing a company to perform the install, be sure to ask for NATE accreditation as not all companies obtain proper certification. NATE exams reflect a consensus opinion of what technicians need to know to effectively service and install today’s sophisticated HVAC systems. Technicians should be NATE certified in the same way a doctor shouldn’t be practicing without a license. To protect consumers, NATE (North American Technician Excellence) formed as a 3rd party, non-profit, certification program for the HVAC industry. The NATE technical committee developed strict guidelines and tests that HVAC companies must pass in order to become NATE certified.

BBB A+ Rating

A Badge you Can Trust

We’re honored to get BBB Accreditation as not every company is eligible. BBB is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on businesses. Businesses must meet their high standards and we continue to live up to their Standard of Trust by emphasizing fair & honest practices for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a ductless heat pump sized?

Our Home Energy Specialist will measure and assess the heating needs of your house, and the features you are looking for in a heat pump. This will determine the size, model and price of the unit. The ductless unit will be sized in BTU’s, British Thermal Units, a measure of how much heating and cooling is needed to fit your particular home. This is not guesswork and our Specialists have formulas and measurements to ensure a proper fit. A smaller home might have a 12,000 BTU unit and it can go up from there.

How do I know if I need a multi-split vs a single heat pump?

A multi-split means an additional indoor unit or units that are placed in different rooms to ensure the whole area you wish to heat and cool is covered. One outdoor unit (one unit) can handle many indoor units. That’s why they call it a multi-split, because that outdoor unit can be split into several lines for different indoor units.

Typically one single head can work well in a single large room or area up to 800-1000 sq ft., so if you have a large living space and then hallways to bedrooms or a second floor, you may need a second indoor unit for those adjacent areas. Larger single family homes may need up to 4 indoor units for complete heating. The installation is fast, easy and in most cases one day.

Is this Daikin ductless multi-zone system less expensive than an air source heat pump?

It depends. If you already have good ducting in your home, and it is a larger home which will require 3 or 4 indoor units, going ductless may actually be more expensive than using the ducts you have with an air source heat pump. The real benefit of a ductless system comes when you are replacing inefficient electric baseboard or wall heating with this system. Call us for a free consultation to find out your options and costs for both types of heat pump systems.

Why choose a Daikin Multi-Split System to heat and cool my home?

Daikin is the world leader in heating, manufacturing their own systems, components and even refrigerants for perfect product integration. They are the only ductless manufacturer whose primary business is heating, not cars or appliances. In addition to top quality heating components on the inside, the slim size, extra features and excellent warranty make it a best in class ductless option. Click to learn more about Daikin on our special Daikin website

What applications will work for Daikin ductless heat pumps?

  • Homes heated with electric heat – Daikin ductless heat pumps are an excellent replacement for any home heating with electric baseboard, wall or ceiling units, wood stoves and other space heaters, such as propane.
  • Remodels and Room Additions – A ductless heat and cooling system is perfect for home additions, remodeling project and garage conversions. There is no need for duct work and the single zone units are easily installed.
  • Heat that one cold room – Many older Seattle homes have insufficient ducting or had previous remodels with no ducts in one area. A single zone ductless heat pump will save the cost of adding expensive ducting to new parts of your home

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